Case Studies

Level Crossing Guidance Southeastern streamline worksite induction process using SiteSentinel

Southeastern have launched our online worksite induction platform SiteSentinel at five more of its engineering depots, successfully building on the first roll-out at its Ramsgate maintenance facility.

Visitors to all six Southeastern worksites can now complete a site induction online prior to their visit, ensuring they arrive equipped and ready for work with the necessary competency certificates and worksite awareness.

More than 1,200 visitors to these six Southeastern sites have already been successfully inducted in this way.

Level Crossing Guidance Level Crossing Guidance

Lucid have developed a multi-media guide for using level crossings safely aimed at four types of user: driver, pedestrian, cyclist, horse rider.

Training DVD on TPWS Non-Technical Skills

Network Rail identified eight key non-technical skills that are essential for signallers.

Lucid developed an interactive DVD: Non-Technical Skills – Route to Excellence

Training DVD on TPWS Training DVD on TPWS

The Train Protection and Warning System (TPWS) is a safety system implemented across Britain’s rail network.

Lucid developed an interactive training DVD that covers all aspects of the system. Trackoff Educational Resources

Millions of children and teenagers in Britain live close to a railway line, commute to school by train, or travel by train to visit friends and relatives. Some are drawn to play on the railway; some feel like messing about.

All need to know how to keep safe.

Lucid managed a programme of work to produce classroom resources that help teachers educate young people about safe conduct on the railway.


The railway track side is one of the most dangerous working environments in Britain. The hazards range from trains travelling at 125 mph to electrification at 25,000 volts.

Lucid developed an interactive training DVD to help educate train crews and other railway staff on personal track safety.

The Consultation and Stakeholder Register The Consultation and Stakeholder Register

The rail industry uses a set of shared standards for technology and operational procedures to allow many different companies and organisations work together safely.

Lucid developed a web application that allows the industry to manage the process of changing these standards.

21st Century Professional Driver DVD 21st Century Professional Driver DVD

Lifestyle issues and personal problems can impact train drivers’ ability to concentrate on their safety critical task of driving. Train Operating Companies needed to address this.

RSSB teamed up with Lucid who were commissioned to develop a DVD tackling these complex issues.

Interactive Guide to Railway Research Interactive Guide to Railway Research

Britain’s rail network is the busiest it has been for 50 years. Research and development plays a crucial role in helping the rail industry to respond to the demand.

Lucid produced an Interactive guide to R&D that helped the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) to raise the profile of their research programme.

Highways Agency Research Compendium Highways Agency Research Compendium

The Highways Agency is looking ahead to the roads of tomorrow. The motorway and trunk road network in England is evolving, and highway-related research, supported by an online compendium, is helping the Highways Agency (HA) to stay a step ahead.

Network Rail Signaller Assessment Training CD Network Rail Signaller Assessment Training CD

Network Rail has overhauled the procedure for assessing signallers’ competence in railway communications. Lucid developed an interactive CD to help signaller managers to learn the new procedure.

API Photographic Services API Photographic Services

Andy Peel had an original idea and turned it into a successful business. Lucid designed and developed the application his business relies on.

Award Winning Training Tools Award Winning Training Tools

Interactive training tools developed by Lucid for the rail industry Safety Critical Communications Focus Group won the prestigious Innovation in Safety Award 2005.

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