Southeastern streamline worksite induction process using SiteSentinel

Southeastern streamline worksite induction process using SiteSentinel

July 2018

Southeastern have launched our online worksite induction platform SiteSentinel at five more of its engineering depots, successfully building on the first roll-out at its Ramsgate maintenance facility.

Visitors to all six Southeastern worksites can now complete a site induction online prior to their visit, ensuring they arrive equipped and ready for work with the necessary competency certificates and worksite awareness.

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SiteSentinel for Abellio Greater Anglia

SiteSentinel for Abellio Greater Anglia

December 2015

Abellio Greater Anglia (AGA) run train services across the south east of England. Their network includes London, Norwich, Ipswich, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Colchester and various coastal locations.

As part of AGA’s ongoing commitment to safety improvement they have commissioned Lucid to develop a safety induction for the Ilford depot. Lucid worked with AGA’s safety team to produce briefing material specific to the site, a corresponding knowledge test, and a contractor information module. The induction is supported by Lucid’s SiteSentinel platform.

SiteSentinel provides an online induction, test, and administration interface. The system is designed to consistently deliver relevant, high quality information using text, photos, video and illustrations. SiteSentinel provides an audit trail of site inductions for staff, visitors, and contractors.

Non-Technical skills. A route to excellence.

Non-Technical skills – Route to excellence

June 2013

Non-technical skills (NTS) are behavioural skills which determine the way actions are undertaken. NTS are applicable across a range of tasks; they can enhance an individual’s interactions and job performance. Network Rail identified eight key NTS that are essential for signallers to possess.

NTS represent a large and challenging subject to address. In response Lucid designed a comprehensive training programme, to be delivered over a three year period. The programme ‘kicks off’ with a foundation course. The course combines video, animation and discussion points to provide a comprehensive understanding of the NTS.

We created a delivery concept to communicate the positive impact that the skills have on job performance and an individual’s career progression; whilst the skills are relevant at all career stages, they are essential to producing expert Signallers – they provide a ‘Route to Excellence.’

Non-Technical skills – Route to excellence

CSA Demo Package for HP

CSA Demo Package for HP

June 2012

The Cloud Service Automation (CSA) Demo Package provides Hewlett Packard’s presales team with a best-in-practice example of how to demonstrate the CSA solution.

HP Software Solutions is a global business providing a comprehensive suite of software products to world-class companies who rely on fast, efficient computing resources to function. HPs worldwide presales technical specialists provide their clients with expert advice during the sales process. The CSA product enables comprehensive provisioning and management of applications and infrastructure.

Lucid developed the package using combination of screen capture and video footage to create an engaging example of CSA in action. While many software demonstrations create a dry, sterile example using screen shots, we took a different approach: this format maximises the contribution from the presales consultant providing a real-world example of the product in action.

SWeRVe II - Stop Workplace Related Violence


May 2011

SWeRVe II, Stop Workplace Related Violence, seeks to reduce and manage conflict between staff and passengers on the railways.

Lucid developed the course on behalf of the Rail Personal Security Group, which is supported by several organisations including The Suzy Lamplugh Trust, RSSB, RMT Union, several Train Operating Companies and British Transport Police.

SWeRVe II is built around four video scenarios which show complex, real-world situations, typical of those facing rail staff. Learners are taught to use a Dynamic Risk Assessment model and learn several techniques for managing potential conflict situations.

We would like to acknowledge the help and support provided by Nicole Vazquez of Worthwhile Training during the development of this course: www.worthwhiletraining.co.uk

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Warning: This video contains very strong language which some viewers may find offensive.

Interactive Ergonomics Tool for Network Rail

Interactive Ergonomics Tool for Network Rail

April 2010

Lucid developed an interactive application for a specialist role and task analysis tool produced by Network Rail's Ergonomics Team. The application – the Work Domain Map Visualisation Tool – allows for analysis of operational roles on the railway by mapping individual roles in terms of purpose, function, tasks, tools and information required to carry out the role.

The tool can be used to evaluate how changes to, for example, equipment or working processes could affect the operator’s workload or the overall operation of the railway.

The tool was originally created as document-based diagrams. The online application allows for central access, version control and much improved user experience.

Australian Conference Chart Sample

Presentations for Australian Rail Conference

March 2010

Lucid supported RSSB in developing two presentations for the Australian Rail Safety 2010 conference in Melbourne: Britain's Approach to Zero Harm and Safety Leadership in Britain’s Railway.

Lucid provided creative communications support, making use of our rail industry experience to develop relevant, meaningful content. Our technical team organised the media assets and ensured that both presentations ran smoothly and efficiently.

The presentations made extensive use of custom animation, illustrations, diagrams and video clips. The presentations were delivered in PowerPoint with media assets being embedded using Adobe Flash.

Online Application for Evaluating Signaller Workload

Online Application for Evaluating Signaller Workload

November 2009

Lucid developed ODEC - an online workload application on behalf of Network Rail’s Ergonomics team.

The Operational Demand Evaluation Checklist – ODEC – is part of a suite of tools designed to provide an understanding of signallers' workload. The model takes into account both static and variable characteristics of a signaller's workplace and provides a systematic process to evaluate them within a particular workstation.

The on-line application provides central storage of all data entered into the tool, access to all users of the tool to the previously assessed workstations, and advanced reporting. The application also includes a user guide to the tool.

View the Signaller Workload Toolkit

Train Protection Warning System

Interactive DVD on TPWS

June 2009

The Train Protection and Warning System (TPWS) is a safety system implemented across Britain’s rail network. The system will automatically apply the train’s emergency brake if the train passes a red signal, or is over-speeding on the approach to a speed restriction, buffer stops or a red signal.

Lucid developed an interactive DVD that provides practical guidance to train drivers and signallers on all aspects of the system: how it works, why it was implemented and how to operate it correctly. The DVD combines video, animations and interactive exercises to provide a comprehensive and accurate understanding of TPWS.

No such training tool had been developed since the implementation of TPWS was completed in 2002. Lucid worked with an extensive team of technical experts, train operators and signallers to produce the DVD.

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Trackoff online resources

Classroom resources on railway safety

May 2009

Children and teenagers are often not aware of the dangers present in the railway environment, such as electrification, or of the consequences and risks from antisocial behaviour and vandalism

Working with train operators, British Transport Police and education experts, Lucid produced three comprehensive teaching packs that include hard-hitting video, lesson plans and assembly ideas.

A Good Journey is a learning pack that covers all aspects of keeping safe on the railway and respecting staff and fellow passengers.

Trespass & Vandalism looks at the dangers and consequences of the some of the most common types of railway crime committed by teenagers. The Thrill Is Gone is powerful short film that highlights the dangers of spraying graffiti on the railway.

The teaching packs are available online at www.trackoff.org and on DVD, along with a range of previously produced teaching resources. The production is part of Lucid’s contract with RSSB to manage the Trackoff website services.

In March 2010, the Youth Work Now magazine named the Trackoff Resources DVD as one of the best six educational films available.

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Site Sentinel

Web-based work site safety briefings

May 2009

Effective and accurate safety briefings are essential for ensuring the safety of workforce, contractors and visitors in environments such as railway depots. In partnership with Bombardier Transport UK, Lucid has developed an online application to deliver safety briefings on Bombardier’s depots.

The application, called Site Sentinel, allows visitors and contractors to register online and go through the safety briefing before they visit or start working at a specific depot. The briefing provides detailed information about each site, including maps, working practices, hazards present, and what to do in an emergency

For the management at Bombardier the system provides an audit trail of visitors and a proof that they have been accurately briefed.

The briefing for the first Bombardier site went live in May, and Lucid is currently working on three more depot briefings.

Second edition of the PTS DVD

Second edition of the PTS DVD

April 2009

The second version of the Personal Track Safety interactive training DVD, initially developed by Lucid in 2007, was published and delivered to the rail industry trainers over spring 2009.

Following feedback from the users of the course, Lucid updated some of the videos, photographs and other content on the DVD. The technology framework on which our DVDs are developed, makes it easy and efficient to make changes to any of the literally hundreds of media assets included in the PTS training package.

The new DVD also contains an extensive photo library.

Route drivability tool

Route drivability tool

August 2008

Design and implementation of signalling systems and other railway infrastructure features can have a significant impact on the train driver’s workload, and therefore the driver’s ability to perform safely and efficiently.

Changing the infrastructure arrangement once implemented is very costly so it is useful to be able to evaluate the ergonomic impact of a design scheme early on in the design project.

Network Rail, working with the world leading human factors consultancy Human Engineering, has developed a software model that allows engineers to do just that. Lucid developed the model into a web application with an easy to use interface and sophisticated graphing function.


Trackoff website

Helping to educate kids about railway safety

May 2008 - ongoing

Trackoff is an educational initiative managed by the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) on behalf of Britain’s railway industry. The aim of the initiative is to educate young people about safe conduct in the railway environment and raise awareness of the dangers and consequences of antisocial behaviour and/or playing on the railway.

At the centre of the initiative is the www.trackoff.org website which provides free educational resources to organisations that can spread the message: schools, colleges, youth centres and community groups.

Lucid was awarded a two-year contract to manage the website services. Over the summer 2008, we reviewed all previously produced resources with a panel of education experts, redeveloped the website and implemented a digital asset library. The next phase of the programme is to develop new resources which better match today’s classroom facilities and teachers’ needs.

Progressplus presentation

Presentation for an international audience

May 2008

The leaders in Britain’s rail industry are sought after speakers in international conferences, thanks to their experience and expertise of the industry in a country where the railway has a long history and faces demanding challenges in terms of safety, cost and demand.

Lucid designed and developed a presentation on the safety improvements in Britain’s rail industry, given to an international audience in Sydney, Australia, by a director of one of our long-term clients, the Rail Safety and Standards Board.

Lucid worked closely with RSSB to develop a presentation that combined Flash animation, video and information design to convey a complex story in a highly visual way. The project has led to Lucid redesigning RSSB’s corporate presentation template.


Consultancy and training on corporate time tracking application

March 2008

Lucid provided consultancy, and developed and delivered a training course for the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) on the company’s time tracking application.

RSSB is a not-for-profit company, owned and funded by the many companies that provide Britain with rail and freight transport. It provides the rail industry with services ranging from R&D to managing national safety standards and acting as the interface in European railway programmes. To secure funding, RSSB must be accountable to the rail industry and the Department for Transport. Company-wide tracking of staff time spent on various types of projects is part of RSSB’s commitment to transparency and spending of the industry and tax payers’ money.

Lucid worked closely with the senior management and department heads to develop a course that both conveyed the business need for time tracking and addressed the practical aspects of using the system. Every member of the 200+ staff was trained by Lucid.

PTS Training Package

PTS training package

September 2007

Lucid developed a comprehensive, interactive training package on personal track safety, tailored to the requirements of passenger and freight train operators, and infrastructure management contractors.

Funded by the Rail Safety and Standards Board, the training package covers all aspects of personal track safety, from understanding the railway environment and terminology to rescue and protection of the railway in a case of an emergency.

The training material is highly visual, with over 150 original photographs, illustrations, video and interactive exercises to ensure effective training.

Lucid also developed the associated lesson plans, handouts and exam papers.

The DVD can be ordered via the supporting website www.ptscourse.co.uk

Improving Rail Industry Safety Briefings

Improving rail industry safety briefings

June 2007

Lucid developed a training course for the rail industry to help Controllers of Site Safety (COSS) improve their communication and presentation skills.

COSSs are responsible for setting up a safe system of work for teams carrying out work on the railway track. A central part of their job is to brief work teams on all aspects of site safety. However, typically COSSs have had little training in communication and presentation techniques.

Network Rail decided to address this by incorporating a module on communication skills into the COSS training courses. Lucid developed the course materials, with emphasis on how to deliver effective professional safety briefings.

Web Application for Railway Standards Change Management

Web application for railway standards change management

April 2007

Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) is responsible for the production and upkeep of Britain’s Railway Group Standards. These technical and operational standards set out the requirements for system safety and safe interworking on Britain’s railway.

When a change is proposed to a standard, all companies potentially affected by the change must be consulted and given the opportunity to comment.

Lucid designed and developed a web application that allows RSSB to manage the consultation process effectively, replacing the manual, paper based system that had been in place previously.

Called the Consultation and Stakeholder Register, the system contains details on all consultations managed by RSSB that are currently underway, and on all stakeholders who need to be consulted.


Training DVD on GSM-R Radio System

Training DVD on GSM-R radio system

January 2007

Network Rail is currently implementing the largest ever telecommunications renewal on Britain’s railway. The programme will replace all existing radio, cable and transmission systems, and significantly improve safety, efficiency and reliability of railway operations.

A key part of the £1.3 billion programme is the GSM-R radio system that will allow drivers and signallers to contact each other directly, any time, anywhere on the network. Over 20,000 drivers, signallers and guards will be trained to use the new equipment.

Lucid produced a 12 minute DVD that provides an overview of the system and conveys its key functionality and features to the front line staff. The DVD is used in staff training courses and general briefings across the rail industry.

The 21st Century Professional Driver DVD

The 21st Century Professional Driver DVD

September 2006

Lucid has produced an interactive DVD that provides Britain’s train drivers with guidance on lifestyle and self-management.

The DVD combines 30 minutes of video and animation with interactive exercises to address topics such as managing shift work and fatigue, getting support for personal problems and maintaining concentration while driving.

Shot with drivers from passenger and freight train and on-track-machine operating companies, the DVD takes an open and honest approach to issues that that are very real but not always easy to discuss in the workplace.

Financed by the Rail Safety and Standards Board, 2,500 copies of the DVD will be distributed to the industry free of charge after the launch event 27 September 2006.

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Online Training Materials for Rail Industry Switch Between Images

Online training materials for rail industry

August 2006

Lucid developed a comprehensive training package on safety critical communications for the rail industry.

Commissioned by the Rail Safety and Standards Board, the training package covers railway communication protocols, techniques for planning and structuring communications, and the critical importance of confirming understanding before taking any action.

The materials combine video, voiceover, illustration and graphics to deliver safety critical training in an engaging and memorable manner. All materials can be downloaded free of charge from www.railscc.co.uk

Interactive Guide for Railway Research Switch Between Images

Interactive guide for railway research

June 2006

Lucid developed an interactive guide for the Research and Development department of the Rail Safety and Standards Board.

The department spends about £15 million per year on research that helps to improve engineering, operation and management of the railway. The interactive guide combines video, voiceover, animation and graphics to showcase the department’s work and the benefits it is delivering to the rail industry.

The guide was launched in June 2006 at the World Congress on Railway Research in Montreal, Canada.

Arc Resource Solutions Branding

Arc Resource Solutions branding

May 2006

Lucid has developed a visual identity for ARC Resource Solutions, a specialist recruitment consultancy.

The newly created company needed a high impact and professional-looking brand to help it stand out in a competitive market.

Lucid was selected to create an identity that would also reflect the enthusiasm of the founding directors.

Director Adrian Bowen said: “Lucid took the time to find out what it is we do and to understand our business. We were not simply looking for a design agency to create a brand that looked good, but a company that could advise us on the best visual identity to really represent our business and reflect what we do.”

“There is a real energy in our chosen branding.”

Promoting Traffic Management Qualification

Promoting traffic management qualification

May 2006

The Highways Agency has recently taken the role of traffic management from the police, freeing police resources to deal with crime. The Agency’s on-road traffic officers and control centres help to ease incident-related congestion and improve the safety and reliability of road journeys on England’s motorways.

After their initial training in traffic management, Highways Agency staff are encouraged to complete a Certificate in Traffic Management (CTM), a vocational qualification for traffic officers and control centre operators.

Lucid is working with the HA Traffic Learning Centre producing communication materials that inform staff about the qualification and how to achieve one.

Highways Agency Re-development

Highways Agency re-development

January 2006

Lucid re-developed the Highways Agency Research Compendium to carry the organisation’s new corporate website design.

We also took the opportunity to improve many of the technical and usability aspects of the site.

The Research Compendium is an online database of research commissioned by the Highways Agency (HA). It is used by transport professionals, students and educational institutions all over the world. Lucid has managed the hosting and development of the database and its content management system since 2002.


Track Safety Christmas Campaign

Click here to play the animation

Track Safety Christmas campaign

December 2005

Each Christmas, the railway closes for Christmas Day and Boxing Day. While the trains stop running, thousands of dedicated railway staff forego their Christmas dinners to improve and rebuild Britain’s railway infrastructure.

Lucid created an animated Christmas greeting for the www.tracksafety.info website to acknowledge their efforts and wish everyone safe working.

The animation, together with the a new interactive quiz, helped to drive up the site’s usage to a new record – which we promptly broke again in January 2006.

In our first year of managing the site, we have grown its usage 17-fold.

Interactive Training for Network Rail Switch Between Images

Interactive training for Network Rail

December 2005

Lucid developed an interactive CD for Network Rail to train signaller managers to apply the company’s new model for assessing staff competence in safety critical communications.

We worked with a team of experienced signaller managers to redefine the assessment model, and then developed the CD to address all the key learning objectives: what has changed and why, and how to apply the new model.

The CD includes voiceovers, videos, animations, real life case studies and interactive exercises which create an engaging and effective learning experience.

IBespoke Development for VEM Switch Between Images

Bespoke development for VEM

November 2005

Benchtime 2 Primetime (B2P) is a resource management tool developed by the UK company Virtual Enterprise Management (VEM). Through a web-based interface, B2P allows project managers to assemble virtual teams of people who have the required skills for a given job and are available at the right time.

Lucid provided VEM with a bespoke plug-in that enables B2P users to synchronise their personal Microsoft Outlook calendars with the B2P web-based calendar. Because most people keep their appointments and tasks best updated in Outlook, the plug-in dramatically increases the efficiency of B2P resource management tool.

SPAD Workshop Switch Between Images

Exhibition for SCCFG

June 2005

Lucid handled event management for the rail industry Safety Critical Communications Focus Group at the National SPAD Workshop.

Attended by signaller and driver managers, the event is aimed at finding ways to reduce signals passed at danger, a potentially catastrophic safety incident on the railway.

Lucid created an eye-catching digital animation for SCCFG’s display, produced brochures and helped with staffing on the day. The event was a success, raising awareness of SCCFG and its award-winning training materials.

CIRAS Switch Between Images


March 2005

CIRAS is the Confidential Incident Reporting and Analysis System for the UK rail industry. It encourages employees in the industry to report safety incidents via this confidential system as well as through their own company’s reporting channels.

Lucid designed the visual identity for the new CIRAS newsletter, a part of a wider programme of change in the organisation’s communications.

Track Safety Strategy Group Switch Between Images

Track Safety Strategy Group [TSSG]

November 2004 – August 2006

Lucid managed the workforce communications programme for Track Safety Strategy Group (TSSG), a rail industry focus group on track worker safety.

We produced newsletters and videos that were published three times a year and used across the rail industry in the regular safety briefings. We provided TSSG with all the original content, media and artwork, and managed the group's website on a weekly basis.

In the beginning of the three-year programme, we also redesigned the group's visual identity, and redeveloped the website.

Network Rail took over the workforce communications when they brought track maintenance in-house in 2006.

Safety Critical Communications Focus Group

Safety Critical Communications Focus Group

October 2004 – October 2008

Staff competency in safety critical communications is one of the key workforce development areas for the rail industry. Lucid developed a website for the rail industry Safety Critical Communications Focus Group (SCCFG). The site provided for everyone in the industry a single point of access to the most up-to-date information, news, events and training materials on safety critical communications.

The site was updated monthly with news, features and interactive tools, with Lucid working together with industry experts to write and develop the content.

In March 2005 the site won the prestigious Railway Industry Innovation Award: Innovation in Safety, along with an interactive training CD ‘Safety Critical Communications: Interactive Course for Assessors’.

See the case study

E-learning Tool for the Rail Industry Switch Between Images

E-learning tool for the rail industry

September 2004

Lucid developed an interactive training CD ROM for the rail industry to improve safety critical communications. The project was facilitated by the Rail Safety & Standards Board (RSSB) and guided by a cross-industry editorial team.

The CD combines video, audio, animation and over 50 interactive exercises. It has been a great success in the rail industry: the first print run ran out in two weeks, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

In March 2005 the CD won the prestigious Railway Industry Innovation Award: Innovation in Safety, along with the supporting website www.railscc.co.uk.

Highways Agency Research Compendium

Highways Agengy Research Compendium

September 2002 – on-going

The Research Compendium is an online database of research commissioned by the Highways Agency (HA). Used by transport professionals, students and educational institutions all over the world, the Compendium is managed by the Transport Research Laboratory.

Lucid hosts and supports the system, and develops new functionality on an on-going basis.


API Photographic Services

API Photographic Services

December 2003

API Photographic Services provides the marketing and advertising industry with photographs and video of events and outdoor campaigns. The service allows clients to assess the quality and success of a campaign or event through online access to images.

Lucid designed and developed the online application which is API's key business tool. The main components of the system are:

  • Secure client accounts for viewing, downloading and emailing campaign images
  • Facility for photographers to upload images
  • Administration functionality to fully manage the client accounts and image database in-house by non-technical users


Network Rail Freight Property

Network Rail Freight Property

December 2003

Network Rail’s Freight Property Catalogue is an online database of railway related property that is available for lease by freight operating companies and contractors. Users can search for suitable sites in multiple ways, including by a network map.

Lucid redeveloped the catalogue to carry the Network Rail corporate identity and to improve usability. We also developed a content management system that allows the Freight Property team to update the catalogue through an easy-to-use web interface.

Network Rail Freight Commercial Services

Network Rail Freight Commercial Services

June 2003

Network Rail Freight Commercial Services is required by the Rail Regulator to provide information and advice to potential and existing customer on how to get freight on rail.

Lucid provided the Freight team with a comprehensive web strategy. This led us to redevelop the online freight guide which originated from Railtrack, the predecessor of Network Rail. In the process we edited the site down from nearly 200 hundred pages to just over 100, reducing the maintenance overhead for the in-house web team.

APD Communications

APD Communications

April 2003

APD is a specialist provider of mobile information and control room solutions for the emergency services and companies with field-based operations.

Lucid developed a comprehensive online strategy for APD, and then redeveloped the company’s website.

Network Rail Estates

Network Rail Estates

September 2002 – June 2004

Network Rail owns and operates the 16 busiest railway stations in the UK which are visited by over 650 million people each each.

Lucid provided Network Rail Estates with complete creative and technical services to maintain and develop their website which gives information about facilities and services on the stations. After two years’ on-going support, the site was handed over to the in-house web team who now manage it.

Network Rail

Network Rail

September 2002 – July 2003

Lucid developed an online strategy for Network Rail, the owner and operator of Britain’s railway infrastructure, and subsequently created the company’s website. After a year of on-going support, the site was handed over to the in-house web team who now manage it.

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