Research Compendium Document Library

The compendium is an online database of research commissioned by the Highways Agency (HA). It is used by transport professionals, students and educational institutions all over the world. The HA use the website as their primary means of compliance with the Freedom of Information Act.

Lucid developed a document library for the site. The library allows the HA to publish detailed reports concerning completed research projects.

This was made possible by the implementation of Lucid’s standard PHP application framework that provides standard methods of error reporting, logging and database access. The three search mechanisms on the site were rationalised into one, and the project administration functionality overhauled to improve performance and to give administrators a richer content editing experience. Finally, a comprehensive suite of test scripts were developed to ensure the website’s integrity.

“We employ Lucid Communications as our preferred supplier because they have consistently delivered what we want, when we need it. All of Lucid’s deliverables have been of an extremely high quality and their committed approach to project management has ensured ‘no surprises’ projects.” – Phil Naulls, Senior Consultant, Highways Agency