Success of 21st Century Professional Driver DVD

Demand for the training DVD for Britain’s train drivers, developed by Lucid and published in September 2006, has seen it literally flying off the shelves in the past few months. A recent request for a third print run is evidence of its continuing success.

Commissioned by the Rail Safety and Standards Board, the 21st Century Professional Driver DVD provides guidance on lifestyle and self-management, engaging its audience with 31 minutes of video and animation, including interactive exercises.

2000 copies of the DVD were initially distributed to Britain’s passenger and freight train drivers and OTM operators, addressing topics such as managing shift work and fatigue, getting support for personal problems, and maintaining concentration while driving.

However, Lucid has since received requests on a daily basis for the DVD, and in order to keep up with this unforeseen demand, the number of copies commissioned has now doubled to 4000.

Drivers were included in the cross-industry editorial team, which was set up during the development of the DVD to help guide the project. Paul Williams, Driver Training & Development Manager for Virgin Trains, commented on the driver-centric nature of the DVD: “Made by the drivers for the drivers; received well by all.”

Feedback has revealed that briefers will be incorporating the DVD into their training programs, but many operators have already provided a copy for every driver. The ultimate success of the 21st Century Professional Driving DVD is captured by Peter Hoare, OTP Manager for AMEC SPIE:

“The end product was relevant, interactive and captivating…put across in a user-friendly way.”