Track Safety Training Package for Train and Freight Operators

Lucid has been commissioned by the Rail Safety and Standards Board to develop a computer based training package on personal track safety for passenger train and freight operators.

The railway track side is a highly hazardous working environment with risks ranging from train movements and high voltage electrification to trips and falls. Anyone who needs to go track side as part of their job, even if occasionally, must be trained on how to keep safe.

To date, passenger and freight train operators have each conducted their own training. The new training package is aimed at increasing consistency and standardisation of track safety training for drivers, shunters, station staff, conductors and other staff employed by train operators.

The package will provide all training materials for a two day track safety course, covering topics such as the railway infrastructure and signage, safe systems of work and emergency actions.

The package will be delivered as an interactive DVD with video, graphics, voiceover and exercises. It will also include a library of examination papers, model answers, lesson plans and handouts.

Lucid is working with a team of experienced trainers and front line staff from across the industry to develop the package. The DVD will be launched in September 2007.