COSS Briefing Training Materials

Lucid has recently developed a training course for the rail industry which motivates and enables Controllers of Site Safety (COSS) to deliver effective site safety briefings.

COSSs deliver site safety briefings as part of their job on a daily basis. However, until recently, they have never been trained how to actually do this – even though they undergo recertification every two years.

Network Rail therefore commissioned Lucid to develop training materials that teach the communications skills required in order to deliver briefings effectively.

These are now available to the rail industry as a whole, with the course being delivered as a component within the initial COSS training and recertification courses.

Mark McCarthy, the project sponsor, commented on the outstanding success of the project: “All the trainers have expressed a desire to take up the challenge of delivering the communications module in its new style and have taken on board the new techniques that go with it.”

The new techniques are being embraced by trainers, one of whom remarked: “Hopefully this is start of a culture change.”