FlashPoint 2.0 Launched

The Lucid technical team has recently completed the development of version 2 of FlashPoint, our interactive application framework. The framework was built using Adobe Flash technology, a popular method for adding animation and interactivity to applications and web sites.

FlashPoint 2.0 enables us to develop interactive applications rapidly. Maintenance of systems built with FlashPoint 2.0 will be easy and cost-efficient. The framework includes a library of components such as an image gallery, multiple choice quiz and integration with Google maps. This will make it quick and easy to extend existing applications with new functionality.

FlashPoint 2.0 runs equally well as a stand-alone application and in a web browser. This will give our clients a greater range of options: for instance, a part or all of a successful CD/DVD-based application can be easily published online as well.

Version 1 of FlashPoint was used to develop The 21st Century Professional Driver interactive DVD. The new version will be the basis of the new Personal Track Safety DVD that Lucid is developing for the Rail Safety and Standards Board.