TPWS Interactive Training DVD

TPWSLucid has been commissioned by RSSB to develop an interactive training DVD on the subject of the Train Protection and Warning System (TPWS).

TPWS was introduced to the UK rail industry in 1999 to mitigate the risks of passing a signal at danger and risk of derailment due to over-speed. Following an initial industry briefing, individual rail companies are delivering refresher training using a variety of materials. The new DVD will provide a high-quality, validated training tool to promote the functionality and importance of TPWS and the risks of not using the system correctly.

The DVD content will be modular to enable industry trainers and briefers to select relevant topics for their audience. Graphics, video and interactive exercises will be used to engage the audience and help deliver a powerful and accurate message. The DVD will be built using Lucid’s Flashpoint 2.0 framework.