Trackoff Teaching Packs go out to Schools

TrackoffDVDA DVD of teaching resources developed by Lucid has gone out to all schools in Britain. The production is part of Lucid’s on-going contract with RSSB to provide website and communications services for the Trackoff campaign, which aims to help educate children and teenagers about the dangers of playing or misbehaving on the railway.

After a review of previously produced teaching resources, Lucid was commissioned to develop new teaching materials which better match modern teaching methods and classroom facilities.

The resources include three comprehensive teaching packs which include hard-hitting video, lesson plans and assembly ideas.

  • A Good Journey is a learning pack that covers all aspects of keeping safe on the railway and respecting staff and fellow passengers.
  • Trespass & Vandalism looks at the dangers and consequences of the some of the most common types of railway crime committed by teenagers.
  • The Thrill Is Gone is a powerful short film that highlights the dangers of spraying graffiti on the railway.

Lucid worked with talented young actors, Arriva Trains Wales and the British Transport Police to produce the teaching packs, filming in Rhondda Valley in February.

The teaching packs are also available online at