Online Application for Evaluating Signallers’ Workload

ODECLucid has been commissioned by Network Rail to develop an online application of a workload evaluation model developed by Network Rail’s Human Factors team.

The Operational Demand Evaluation Checklist – ODEC – is part of a suite of tools designed to provide an understanding of signallers’ workload. The model takes into account the static characteristics of a signaller’s workplace – such as the number of signals or level crossings – as well as the variable characteristics, such as unplanned events.

All such characteristics and events influence the workload of a signaller. ODEC provides a systematic process to evaluate these characteristics within a particular signalling workstation, in order to represent the influence the overall system has on the signallers’ workload.

The on-line application will allow for central storage of all data entered into the tool, access to all users of the tool to the previously assessed workstations, and advanced reporting. The application will also include a user guide to the tool.