Expanding the Signaller Workload Toolkit

WDMLucid has been commissioned by Network Rail to develop an online application of the Cognitive Workload Analysis (CWA) tool which is part of the company’s Signaller Workload Toolkit.

The development follows our successful completion of developing an online application of another tool, the Operational Demand Evaluation Checklist (ODEC).

Network Rail’s Signaller Workload Toolkit has been developed by the company’s Ergomics Team to help analyse signaller’s workload and the factors that may impact on it. The toolkit considers workload as a multi-dimensional concept that consists of the signaller’s tasks, the working environment and the individual themselves.

To date, the tools have been document-based, either spreadsheets or checklists. The online applications will enable sharing of analyses across the company and provides significant efficiencies in data management.