Partnership with CSEC

CSECLucid has formed a partnership with the Child Safety Education Coalition (CSEC). This follows from us becoming a member of the Coalition in November 2009. As part of the partnership agreement, Lucid is developing an online application of CSEC’s Resource and Service Profiler.

The Profiler has been designed by CSEC to help service providers identify and/or produce high quality, practical child safety educational resources. The Profiler sets criteria for quality standards in four distinct areas: structure of the resource or service, principles of safety education, style of learning, and learning situation.

The online tool will allow users to create a secure account through which they can conduct and store reviews of educational resources. To ensure impartiality and commercial confidentiality, the reviews will only be accessible to the owner of the account.

The user will conduct a review by using the interactive forms, rating each criterion within the four quality standards areas. The application will then produce a diagrammatic representation of the results.

The user will also be able to request a confidential review by a CSEC expert.

Lucid is developing the online application based on the document-based Profiler designed by CSEC. Lucid will also provide hosting and on-going maintenance for the tool.