Influencing and Negotiation Course

bkcLogoLucid and BKC have formed a partnership to design and deliver an updated Influencing and Negotiation programme.

Busby Knowledge Consultants (BKC) helps clients in the technology sector improve their sales success, particularly in situations where there is complexity in the solution, buying and sales processes.

Lucid expertise in interactive learning will combine with BKC’s capabilities in performance processes to provide an offering which delivers immediate, practical and enduring performance. The updated programme will contain upgraded workshop content, ongoing support and an online resource centre.

The Influencing and Negotiation programme will focus on Consultants and Account Managers – customer facing staff with long term relationships in their accounts. The programme will seek to maximise the influence exerted by such staff, improving customer experience, utilisation, revenues and margins.

To learn more Contact Us or John Busby on:, + 44 (0) 7 968 066 165.