Blended Learning Sweetens Sales Process

Lucid and Pure Blue Ocean developed a blended learning training programme to equip the Mars Customer Management teams in the art of storytelling.  Following huge success, Lucid and PBO were invited to join the Sales Conference in Florida, attended by over 1,000 employees.

The training can be delivered to groups of 20 to 200 delegates and seamlessly blends teacher-led classroom-based training with e-learning modules. Lucid have also created a 10-minute e-learning refresher programme which provides employees with an accelerated overview of the whole storytelling course.

We have now worked with four of the Mars businesses and run courses not only in the US, but also in China and the UK. We’re also now working on another project for their field sales team – helping them to engage their customers using a blend of video based and e-learning training packages.

Case Study

Lucid and PBO Blended Learning