Non-technical Skills – Route to Excellence

Non Technical Skills

Non-technical skills (NTS) are behavioural skills which determine the way actions are undertaken. NTS are applicable across a range of tasks; they can enhance an individual’s interactions and job performance. Network Rail identified eight key NTS that are essential for signallers to possess.

NTS represent a large and challenging subject to address. In response Lucid designed a comprehensive training programme, to be delivered over a three year period. The programme ‘kicks off’ with a foundation course. The course combines video, animation and discussion points to provide a comprehensive understanding of the NTS.

We created a delivery concept to communicate the positive impact that the skills have on job performance and an individual’s career progression; whilst the skills are relevant at all career stages, they are essential to producing expert Signallers – they provide a ‘Route to Excellence.’

Case Study

Non-technical Skills – Route to Excellence