What we do

Courses ∙ Communications ∙ Software

  • Training courses (digital, face-to-face, blended)
  • Communication programmes
  • Software applications

Training Courses

Elearning ∙ Blended ∙ Face-to-face

  • We focus on concepts and developing engaging content.
  • We then identify the most appropriate delivery channels: eLearning; video; face-to-face; animation; etc.
  • The communication channel is secondary to the content. Engagement is our priority.


Print ∙ Video ∙ Online

  • Our communication programmes are usually concerned with effecting behavioural change.
  • We use a multi-modal approach: print, video, graphics, and online.
  • As with training, creating meaningful, engaging content is our focus.


Information ∙ Process ∙ Induction

  • We develop bespoke software applications for information provision and process control.
  • We have also developed the SiteSentinel suite of products: Inducta, Contracta 1, and Contracta 2.
  • SiteSentinel provides site induction and contractor management at over 20 sites across the UK.