Training DVD for Britain’s Signallers

stills - computer signalsLucid has been commissioned by the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) and Network Rail to develop a training DVD for Britain’s signallers that provides guidance on lifestyle and looks at various aspects of professional signalling.

The DVD will be broadly modelled along the lines of ‘The 21st Century Professional Driver’ DVD which was developed around the idea that being a professional driver in the 21st Century entails more that just driving technique and route knowledge.

Similarly, being a professional signaller entails much more than operating signals and setting the route. It is also about managing one’s lifestyle in a way that supports the signaller’s safety critical role and taking a professional approach to all aspects of one’s work.

The DVD will engage its audience with interactive exercises and the use of rich media, providing a learning tool that people will find enjoyable to use, and helping them to make suitable changes where necessary.