Non-Technical Skills Programme for Network Rail

NRLogoUpdatedLucid has been commissioned to design and deliver a non-technical skills training programme. The programme is aimed at signallers and their managers. The NTS programme will consist of several work packages delivered over a three year period.

Network Rail signallers carry a huge responsibility. They are the operational ‘front line,’ making sure that train services run smoothly whilst keeping everyone safe. A modern signaller not only needs to be technically competent but must also possess a range of non-technical skills: they must be able to multi-task; remain calm under pressure; communicate effectively; plan and make decisions; and remain attentive and alert.

The initial work package is an NTS Foundation course which will introduce the skills and kick-start the programme. The programme will employ a number of delivery mechanisms including face-to-face briefings, eLearning and self-appraisal.