Human Factors Course Redevelopment for Network Rail

hfLogoLucid have been commissioned to redevelop Networks Rail’s ‘Investigating Human Factors’ eLearning program.

Currently, the Human Factors course provides Network Rail with comprehensive information on conducting an investigation, including the classifications of errors and failures, and how to select the appropriate tools and techniques to use in investigations.

A main aim of the course is for the investigators to understand peoples’ strengths and weaknesses, ensuring systems are designed to match individuals’ mental and physical capability. Considering that 80 – 90% of accidents involve human error it is important for investigators to fully understand human factors, enabling them to predict misuse and identify ways of managing it.

Lucid will redevelop the course to create an updated version which is concise, engaging, and informative. This will involve interviewing senior members of the Network Rail investigation team, developing new content, and creating an improved eLearning program.