Network Rail Level Crossing Guidance

CrossingGuidanceLucid have designed and produced a multi-media guide for using level crossings safely: a web based Level Crossings Guidance product and supporting PDFs.

The improved guidance helps support Network Rail’s strategy to decrease level crossing risk by 33%. Network Rail have adopted a new approach to level crossing guidance as a result of research that shows users do not differentiate between different types of crossings. The new guidance informs users how to use crossings safely, understand the protection measures and how to interact with them. The guidance will be ‘badged’ by three groups: Network Rail, ORR and HRA.

Lucid developed the interactive guidance and supporting PDFs for four different types of user depending on their mode of transport (vehicle, foot, cyclist, horse). The guidance focuses on the perspective of the user and associated risks to deliver specific information for the safe use of level crossings.