The COVID safe digital depot

person washing his hand
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Our world has changed beyond measure since the last time we blogged.  Working from home, wearing a face mask, minimal travel and social ‘bubbles’ are just some of the changes we’ve embraced in an attempt to curb the spread of an infectious virus we’ve come to know as COVID-19.

The world of work has also adapted – but for some industries shutting up shop was not possible – learning to safely live alongside the virus has been the only option.  Even at the height of the pandemic key workers still needed to travel, meaning the rail industry remained open for business.

But perhaps if there’s been any benefit to this dreadful pandemic, it’s that workplaces have had to embrace digital technology like never before.  Companies that were content to encase themselves in a world of paper and filing cabinets have suddenly been forced to digitise to minimise workplace footfall and paper handling.

We’ve been pushing the benefits of the digital railway for years – but it seems to have taken a pandemic for sea change to really begin.  This is where our online worksite safety induction solution SiteSentinel has come into its own.  Train depot visitors can complete their worksite induction before they arrive on site, meaning when they do arrive, they come with an understanding of the depot layout, e.g. entrances, exits, sanitiser stations, etc.  This all helps to ensure visitors can go straight to where they need to be – helping to avoid hesitation and people clustering.

Not only does SiteSentinel encourage people flow, it also provides a very direct way of informing visitors about company COVID-related rules and procedures – as well as reminding them of their own legal and ethical responsibilities.  For example, we’ve updated the induction platform to include content on coughing etiquette, hand washing practice and worktstation sanitisation.

The best bit is that SiteSentinel updates are easy too – even making it possible to keep up with the latest guidance – which, let’s be honest, is changing all the time! Will there ever be a better reason to go digital with your induction?