How many people attended your site in 2020?

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On the face of it, the number of people attending your worksite in 2020 seems like a straightforward question… after all, there is likely to be a visitor book in reception, diarised meeting records, worksite inductions undertaken… so it should be relatively simple to calculate… shouldn’t it?

Of course, the reality is often somewhat different.  A reception book that wasn’t clear or missing altogether, the odd meeting that didn’t get put into Outlook, induction paperwork mislaid, training records not always up to date… need we go on?  It all makes the accurate estimation of an exact number, that bit more challenging.  

So, imagine if you had an online worksite induction system that kept a digital record of every visitor walking through your worksite. At the touch of a button you could generate the number of people that have visited your site that year, month, week or day.  More so, you could generate these same numbers for previous years to start getting a longer term view of visitor trends at your site.

We know from Site Sentinel, our online worksite safety induction platform, that we helped deliver 17,510 individual worksite inductions during 2020.  Our largest depot customer delivered a huge 5,024 worksite safety inductions to visitors at its site alone.  At the opposite end of the scale, our depot with the smallest turnover still delivered a substantial 88 individual worksite inductions in 2020.

We couldn’t be happier that we helped not only deliver the inductions, but also helped to securely store the training data in an easily retrievable format.  This means our SiteSentinel solution forms an integral part of a company’s competency management system.  If you required data on exactly how many inductions were undertaken during a particular time frame, or details on who has, or hasn’t completed an induction, SiteSentinel can quickly provide the data in a few clicks.

So… if you found it hard to estimate how many people visited your site in 2020, or just want to digitise your worksite induction system so competency data is at your fingertips when you need it most, is now a good time to consider solutions for 2021?